The Exterior In The Interior

The city is a structure through which you pass from space to space. Every building has a sequence, from its harsh public exterior, along its articulated collective spaces to its intimate and private interior. It is this sequence, articulated in architecture, that allows us to practice a wide variety of relations to the people around us. Each step in the sequence demands a specific intimacy and conduct. From public to private spaces, we relate to the larger public, to selected groups and to private individuals. The richer the sequence is as it is articulated from public to private, the more nuanced the variety of behaviors and relations a building allows. In addition, this sequence is often related to a specific hierarchy that is present in an organization or in society itself. Habits and conventions play out as rituals within the building.

But is the interior always inside and the exterior always outside? What happens to the sequence when these notions start to shift and the exterior continues through to the inside? The reversed premise, of interior detailing outside, is equally intriguing. How can we use this idea to enrich the story a building tells as one passes through it?

This studio, furthermore, aims to look for new ways to represent architectural spaces and sequence in imagery. Today, the image seems to be more about a reality of the visible rather than a reality of experience. We are concerned more with a world as seen through the cameras lens than through our mind‘s eye. This has consequences for our discourse. The visual attraction of a building is given a primary role, while important architectural experiences central in this course––such as sequence, movement, time and memory–– become less present. This causes a great disruption between the experience of the image and that of reality.


Collective Model of Cambridge, RWTH Aachen

Collective Model of Oxford, TU Delft

Veldwerk_TheExteriorInTheInterior_02Jonas Siegel, RWTH Aachen

Sophie Dikmans, TU Delft

Veldwerk_Architecten_TheExteriorInTheInterior_01Ka Ho Cheuk, TU Delft

Ka Ho Cheuk, TU Delft


Ka Ho Cheuk, TU Delft

Jonas Siegel & Josch Hünsler, RWTH Aachen

Julien Friedli, RWTH Aachen