San Miniato al Monte

On a hill above Florence the church of San Miniato al Monte lays to rest. The story goes that prince Miniato was beheaded by Emperor Decius after which he miraculously stood up, crossed the river Arno and walked up the hill with his head under his arm. Where the body finally fell down the church was erected. The mountain hill today has been overgrown with a series of medieval structures. A fortification with a great stairwell running through it; gravestones and columbaria in every shape and form; and at the top a series of cloister buildings in a brown natural stone. In the midst of this messy ensemble a Florentine Romanesque slab displays itself in clear geometry, made of green and white marble. The facade elevates itself above its surroundings and seems to be the only thing of rational importance. The rest could just as well be nature. The proposed extension entails an additional entrance that takes on elements and proportions from the church. Hereby submitting to it’s system of logic, underlining the subordinated role in the overall composition. The playful inlay of marble stones show signs of deliberate human error. The church remains divine in the centre.

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